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No One Is So Experienced Than U About Ur Life
U R The Only One Going To Live Nd Lead Ur Life!
It is very easy 2 do something in a wrong way
but Difficult to continue
It is difficult 2 do something in a right way
but Easy to continue...

"Never think that You are alone in this world,
Because if You were alone
You would Not have recieved this SMS...!!

Never try alone 2 take d weight of a tear
dat comes out of ur heart & falls through ur eyes.
Alwyz remembr an Idiot lyk Me is here 2 share...

Man to God:Can I smoke while I pray?
God got Angry
Another Man asked-Can I pray while I smoke
God Agreed
Response depends on how You propose

"I may not have the sense how to talk to people.
But my mind is so pure that
there is no intension to hurt someone ever!"
U never pay attention to a part of body till it pains..
Don't let it happen in relationships.
"It is not important to go to heaven after we leave,
But it is important to create heaven in someone's heart, before we leave..!

I Have No Words 2 Xplain My Frndship
I Have Got Amazing Person Who Can Understand
Even My Silence.!!

"I have learned to care people too much..,
Not because they are good.
Because I knew the pain of being ignored..."

Dont say-
No one likes Me
Just say-
There is no one like Me
Feel the change
coz ATTITUDE matters!

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